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Gerald James Larson
Guest Lectures (singly or in series)
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Professor Larson is available for guest lectures in Comparative Religion (History of Religions) or Comparative Philosophy East and West. Possible topics include the following:

(A) The Challenge of Religious Pluralism: Series of Six Slide Lectures:

            (1) The Meaning of the Term ‘Religion’

            (2) Swamis, Yogis and Tantrics: The Hindu Way

            (3) Mindfulness and Emptiness: The Buddhist Way

            (4) Mullahs, Law and the Love of God: The Islamic Way

            (5) Crucifixion, Resurrection and the Mysteries of Faith: The Christian Way

            (6) Comparing and Criticizing Religions

(B) The Great Questions in Philosophy: East and West:

            (1) What Truly Is? The Ontology Question—the term, “being”                     

            (2) How Does One Know What Truly Is? The Epistemology Question—the term, “knowing”

            (3) Who Knows What Truly Is? The Philosophical Psychology Question—the term, “self” or “person”

            (4) With Whom Does One Know What Truly Is?  The Social Anthropological Question—the term, “intersubjectivity”

            (5) What Does God Have To Do With What Truly Is? The Theological

                        Question—the term, “God”

(C) Basic themes in Philosophy East and West:

            (1) Being and Nothingness

            (2) One and the Many

            (3) Identity and Difference

            (4) Self and Not Self

            (5) Freedom and Determinism

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